Tuesday, 29 September 2009

All the fun of the Fair, Squirrels & Vegetables

My computer is still poorly and so I am using John's laptop (when I get the chance!). If you read John's last blog you will have seen that me and the girl's have all been to a vintage textile fair. It was rather a Sumptuosity team day out. We all went off hunting for fabrics for our work and with the four of us busy digging away we manged to find some really nice bits and pieces. I was particularly pleased to find some more scraps of nineteenth century printed cotton, these should come in useful for our work with the Jane Austen centre in Bath. Sophie and Alanna also purchased some fabrics to make funky and exciting accessories for themselves. Sophie was particularly pleased with some pom poms that she found and we all look forward to seeing what she will do with them!

Sophie has been busy embroidering a squirrel design (sample) for the National Trust. It is a lovely red squirrel with tufty little ears that are really enhanced by the use of the handwoven silk. Barbara packed and posted it today, so we will keep you all informed as to what happens - fingers crossed.

A new order came in today from The Garden Museum in London, they had seen us at the Top Drawer trade show and are keen to stock our garden designs, so I will be busy sewing my carrots, cauliflowers and peas. At least being silk I won't have to worry about slugs damage.

3 B.T.'s
1: Blue sky, beautiful Autumn colours on the trees in the park and bird song as we walk through York to the Studio. John and I feel very lucky to live in such a wonderful place.
2: John and I look up as we walk home from the Studio and we see a group of long-tailed tits twittering noisily above the rooftops.
3: Watched an episode of Jeeves and Wooster where Jeeves milks a cow, boils water in a billy can, strains tea leaves in a make-shift strainer of twigs and a handkerchief in order to make a morning cup of tea for Berty (asleep in the potting shed). The cottage he had been staying in burnt down... it's a long story.

Bye for now
love Ruth x


  1. I have bought a few of your peapod pins as are surname is Peabody it is a great find!

  2. Always glad to hear that our embroideries are going to a good home. Best wishes Ruth x