Friday, 4 September 2009

Sweeties, Orders and the National Portrait Gallery

Sweeties arrived in the post yesterday from America. So actually I should say 'Candy' as it came from a candy store in Arkansas. Debby the nice lady who makes the glass beads for our books lives in America and as well as the usual parcel of beautiful cobalt blue glass beads were these yummy looking sweets. The issue is that there were only three sweets and there are now (on most days) five of us at Sumptuosity Towers, so it looks like we will have to draw lots for them...

Life is very busy at Sumptuosity Towers as we prepare for Top Drawer and get as many of our current orders out before we depart for London. I think that John and I will have to give up on our Friday's off until Christmas as were have got so much work on. This is not a real problem as it is a nice position to be in and I am definitely not complaining! One of the orders that came in today was from the National Portrait Gallery who have asked for a number of vintage fabric brooches (all 1960s fabric) for an exhibition that is starting next month. It is quite exciting to think of our sumptuous wares in the NPG.

Good luck to Sumptuosity friend Alison (of the Amazon) and her exhibtion (see

3 B.T.'s

1: The sound of Starlings as they roost on a telecomunications tower in York.
2: Richard Dawkins new books is out and I am looking forward to buying my copy.
3: Talking to Ana at the NPG, I'm really pleased about our work being in such a fabulous location.

Bye for now

love Ruth xx

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