Sunday, 20 September 2009

The 'Magic' coffee, the Globe and other stuff

We got back from 'Top Drawer' the London trade show very late on Tuesday night, it made it a very long day as this had been the last day of the show, we then had to dismantle and pack the stand before the drive back up t'Yorkshire. However, it was worth it just to be back in our own bed! I had a bit of a lie in on the Wednesday morning before the 'Call of the Kettle' (and of course John) made me get up and get on with the day. John and I were back in the studio by lunchtime and it was just as well as Sophie's sewing machine had suddenly become distinctly 'poorly' and needed to go off to the sewing machine hospital. I went out to see Paul the very nice man who services and when required repairs our sewing machines - I also purchased two new sewing machines, this is so that Alanna will now have a nice new machine of her own and so that we always have one spare in case such emergencies arise in the future.

We could have really done without the sewing machine saga as we returned from London with lots of new stockists and even before we went away our order book was looking extremely busy. This had been our first time at a London trade show and we were very pleased with the results, although it did seem that the stand would be quiet for a while until I went off to buy some coffee, when it would suddenly spring into life thronging with people wanting information, to place orders, etc. In the meantime the coffee would go luke-warm but we decided that this was a small price to pay. We decided that Top Drawer coffee must be 'magic coffee' with the power to pull in potential stockists.

On Thursday we had an enquiry from the Globe theatre - I was very excited but then I can get quite giddy very easily. John replied and sent them some images of the Shakespeare inspired work that I have done to date and they immediately emailed back with an introductory order for my 'Yorick' brooches. So I am busy sewing them in batches as quickly as possible to make up the order but it is so fabulous to think of our Sumptuosity wares being at the Globe that I am more than happy to do so.

Friday was Samuel Johnson's 300th birthday so we celebrated in the studio with some cake. Barbara said that it was customary for the birthday person to buy the cakes but as the man in question had been deceased for over 225 years we thought that we would let him off. Thank goodness for BBCiplayer as this has allowed me to catch up with all the programmes about Johnson that I have missed while being busy with the trade show.

Sunday and I have now caught up on my sleep and am raring to go!

3 B.T.'s

1: The smell of chocolate is in the air (as we live near to the Nestle factory)...yummy.
2: The wonderful Samuel Johnson - what an incredible man he was. I have really enjoyed listening to all the programmes about him on Radio Four and Three.
3: An order from the Globe Theatre.

Bye for now
Love Ruth x

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