Sunday, 6 September 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We are Busy Busy Busy (as La La would say) here at Sumptuosity Towers. So much so that Sophie has offered to swap her day off on Monday for one later in the week so that she can be here to help with all the preparations for Top Drawer.

John is definitely 'The Man with the Plan' as he has some super clever soft-ware that does a sort of 'mind-mapping' thingy - all very clever and very useful. So much better than my usual back of an envelope scribble!

Orders are being dispatched on Monday and then it is picking (and making where required) the stock to take down to London for the Trade Show. The above picture a scene from John's cutting and making table features handbag mirrors by all the Sumptuosity Embroidery Fairies (Sophie, Alanna & me), hundreds of them.

I have been told off this morning because I was caught looking at the Internet trying to find out how close the Natural History Museum is to the Top Drawer location. I have been told by both Barbara and John that there is definitely NO time for that sort of thing and I am not to say that I am going off to buy coffee and reappear a couple of hours later...

Which reminds me I was listening to a programme on Radio Four the other day and heard the term 'Robin-Stroker'. I hadn't heard of this before but it made both Sophie and myself laugh. It apparently refers to those 'terrible' people who only look at birds in their garden - how outrageously snobish! I think I should make myself a 'Robin-Stroker' brooch, as I love birds but am as unlikely to be found in half-way up a mountain as Paris Hilton (although the similarity ends there)...

3 B.T.'s

1: Sophie and I like it when the people who telephone into 'Any Answers' start by saying MR Dimbleby - we know then that their comment will make us laugh.
2: A hand written envelope arrives through the post from The York Bibliographical Society, lectures begin again next month.
3: I talk to Mumsie on the telephone and she says that she is looking forward to coming up to York for Christmas.

Bye for now,

Love Ruth xx

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