Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Orders, repairs and Starlings

Everything is bonkers in Sumptuosity Towers. We have so many orders that we are trying to 'keep calm and carry on' as the phrase goes! However, it is a very good problem to have and please don't think that we are complaining.

I was delighted to see the wonderful Paul from Flynn's of York sewing machines walking into Barleycorn Yard. He had mended Sophie's poorly sewing machine and brought it back to us. I was delighted to have my sewing machine back (as I had lent Sophie my machine and Flynn's had lent me their shop display model). It is incredible how attached you can get to your sewing machine! We are still awaiting the new machines that I ordered when we got back from London but they should be here any day and then Alanna will be able to have her very own machine.

The girl's are excited as we are having a 'girl's day out' on Sunday to an antique textile fair in Manchester. John doesn't want to go as he doesn't like 'old minging fabrics' to use his phrase. It will be good to see what we can find - never what you expect.

Please forgave the currant lack of blogs (and emails if you are a chum) but my home computer has deceased and so I am currently bereft and having to resort to John's laptop...

3 B.T's

1: The Sound of Starlings as they find a place to roost in York.
2: A very dapper old gentleman comes into the studio and requests a shoe handbag mirror for a friend. We hadn't got anything quite right in stock so Barbara and I make one up especially for him and he is really pleased.
3: The Barnitt's Belles now say Good Morning to us regularly as we walk past them in the morning.

Bye for now,
Love Ruth xxx

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