Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sewing, Wildlife and Middle-age.


First I must apologise for my lack of posts this month. John will probably put this down to my exhaustive viewing of Spring watch - both on BBC2 in the evening and the webcams on the internet during the day. I must admit that there may well be a bit of truth in that, as there are only so many hours in a day and what with all the Sumptuosity sewing and Springwatch there hasn't been a lot of time in between! However, I must also admit to feeling somewhat down having had visits to both the Doctor and the Dentist - nothing major wrong just niggling signs of 'middle-age' - just what you like to hear! So I have been feeling a little maudling or to put it more accurately 'Mardy' as we say in Nottingham. I think I need a holiday, so it is just as well that John and I are off to Oxford on Thursday morning!

Speaking of Nottingham, John and I visited Mummsie today and we (that is me and Mum) did some gardening. I have managed to clear out the overgrown plants around her bird baths and so now she can reach them again. So she is very pleased. I have also promised to come back next Monday (after Oxford) to cut the front hedge, so she is even more pleased! It was lovely being in the garden (even if I do have scratchers from the dreaded Brambles!).

John is doing well with his O.U. course - he was busy reading about the latest subject (Benin Art) while Mummsie and me were in the garden. He has been getting very good grades and so wants to keep it up (Swot!), he has even discovered where we can see some Benin art in Oxford. I have discovered a real ale pub next door to a bookshop, so we should both be happy!

Meanwhile in t'Studio, we have done some samples for a Christmas project for Waitrose - yes, I did say Christmas. The main news is that we have finally finished and sent off the 1000 mirrors for the conference order. It was incredible how these mirrors completely took over the Studio for a few days! Even packing them was a mammoth job...

3 B.T.'s
1: I have loved watching BBC2's 'Wild Night In' - I think that the Spring watch team are great and am really impressed by the projects that the Wildlife Fund sponsor. - if you haven't contributed then please do so soon. xx
2: Clearing away the vegetation away from Mum's Bird baths and seeing her happy face as she cleaned and then refilled them with water.
3: Planning for Oxford. Lots of Museums, bookshops and pubs for us to visit.

Bye for now,
Love Ruth xx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Spring Watch, Eye of Newt & the DHL delivery man

Sunday morning and I am at home with a mug of tea and the sound of the Canada and Grey Lag Geese kicking off outside. These creatures are some of the most noisy and troublesome birds I have ever come across. Still I don't really mind, it is nice to be able to hear nature and in between we can hear anything from a blackbird, to a Chaffinch to a Wren - not forgetting the pipping of Gold Finches.

This brings me to my one real complaint about Spring Watch (which I love), is that they rarely - if ever seem to feature nature in cities. Simon King is always filming in the wilds of Scotland (although this time admittedly he is in Dorset) and Kate and Chris are placed in the midst of a beautiful nature reserve. For many of us nature is seen on the way to work, or where we live and not simply a visit to a specific reserve. The river Foss is next to our flat and we see a variety of fish and birdlife, although admittedly (and sadly) we also see the detritus of city living, including beer bottles, fastfood cartons, etc so I suppose it wouldn't always make such a photogenic scene! However a walk around the city walls will soon give the observer an appreciation of the biodiversity that can be found within a city and I believe that this should be celebrated.

Meanwhile in Sumptuosity Towers, we have been busy embroidering bookmarks for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. They wanted more of the 'Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog design', half in Scarlet and half in Firefly (orange) - the very bright colours are obviously the most popular! A really nice woman from California came into the Studio on Tuesday, she was over in England visiting her son and couldn't resist coming in to see what it was that we were doing, having first viewed us through the front windows! She bought a number of bookmarks and badges as presents for friends back in the States and also purchased a lot of the samples from our 'Runts and Orphans' bowl, these were to be used for her own scrap-booking. Everything was 'fabulous' and she even took photographs of the outside of the Studio as well as the work-room. Sophie and Alanna (Banana), also had their picture taken, which is not surprising as they are both very pretty!

On Friday and Saturday we started work on the Museum of London order, so lots of Fried Eggs, Teapots and Cups & Saucers were being embroidered. Sophie and I still have the Bowler Hats to accomplish but these will have to wait until Tuesday.

On Friday, John and I decided to enjoy a bit of the Summer sunshine and so we went and had our elevenses in the garden of the Merchant Adventurer's Hall, where you can have a nice cup of coffee from our friends at The Hairy Fig deli & cafe. We have been working so hard lately that we had started to forget how important it is to also take time to enjoy yourself. To 'stop and pick some daisies'.

3 B.T.'s

1: A mug of tea on a Sunday morning with the knowledge that today I can do what I like.
2: Spring Watch has started this week and so for three weeks I can look at nature even while in the Studio through the magic of their wonderful webcams.
3: Our lovely DHL deliveryman brought a parcel for me to the Studio even though it had our home address on it because he knew that we would be at work and he remembered that I was waiting for a parcel from the O.U.

Bye for now,

Love Ruthie xx