Thursday, 24 September 2009

Now that's what I call... a really full order book

A really bonkers day, getting orders picked and packed for our lovely stockists. We have never been this busy and it is brilliant; the image is of the Sumptuosity order book, and this doesn't include the dozens and dozens of orders from Top Drawer.

Yesterday, the girl's were excited because we had the offer of free fabric sample books from the nice people at the nearby posh curtain shop. Sophie, Alanna and me went around to their workroom and came out with our arms full of books and within minutes of being back in the studio Alanna had used some pieces for her Fashion triptychs! York is such a friendly city and I feel so lucky to live here.

We also had a bag of wonderful fabric scraps from Sophie's Grandfather. Sadly Sophie's Grandmother died a few week's ago and as she was a wonderful dressmaker, there was lots of bags of bits from all her projects. Sumptuosity will be giving a donation to Mr. Strong's chosen Arthritis charity. I am sure that Sophie's Grandmother would be pleased that her fabrics were being used in such a creative way.

3 B.T.'s

1: There were beautiful pinky blue clouds over York Minster as the sun set this evening.
2: The sound of the red wine glugging out of the bottle as John poured us both a glass before dinner.
3: John's spontaneity, as decided to make us Martini's, before making us a three course meal - another great day at Sumptuosity Towers and then home for a lovely evening.

Bye for now
love Ruth xxx

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