Sunday, 16 August 2009

Catriona & Debbie pay us a visit

Two young women appeared at the Studio this afternoon, one of them was wearing some of Sophie’s Alice in Wonderland brooches – including the latest design ‘Drink me’. Hang on I thought, we haven’t even put them out on sale in the Studio yet, how come she is wearing one? Then I remembered (my brain works very slowly sometimes!), John had already put these designs on our website, we had sold a couple of them and Barbara had packed and posted them. Yes, it was Catriona and Debbi, who had been ‘quick off the mark’ purchased the new designs off the website and were now out for a day in York and decided to come and find Sumptuosity Towers for themselves. It was great to meet them. We showed them some of ‘The Secret Garden’ designs and they gave us a new idea – Peter Pan! Sophie and I immediately began thinking of crocodiles and clocks…

Alanna (banana) has now done three weeks at Sumptuosity Towers – where does the time go? She has been busy embroidering and has even come up with a new design – an ice cream cone. No sooner had Alanna made it, Barbara had John make it into a brooch and put it on. Watch out for it featuring on our website soon…

3 B.T’s.
1: The whirring of sewing machines as all four of us sew and embroider away.
2: A ‘personal’ letter from Indianna in Liverpool – how nice to hear someone so cheerful.
3: David from the furniture shop down the road comes into the Studio, ‘Now then’, he says in a deep Yorkshire accent, ‘ I have brought you those old fabric sample books to see if they will be of any use for your sewing. – How kind and thoughtful!

Bye for now

Love Ruth xxx

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