Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sumptuosity comes to Blogger

We went into the Studio today (Sunday!) because I wanted to work on some new designs for the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. We are so busy during the week with all our usual embroideries that I never seem to find the time to work on anything new. John was supposed to be working on the new packaging for the Austen brooches but when I went in to see him in Studio 3 I found that he had been working on Blogger. He thinks (and I agree) that by being on this site it will make it easier for people to follow our blogs and for us to follow other people - I read 'Three Beautiful Things' everyday. Most importantly it means that I can write and upload my own blog without having to ask John to do it. This means that I will have much more chance to be cheeky about the day-to-day happens at Sumptuosity Towers. Keep posted!

3 BT's
1: We go to Castle Howard on our day off and I love to see the Swallows and House Martins swooping about the house as much as the beautiful grand interiors.
2: We leave the curtains to the living room partially open and I watch the bats flying above the park in the twilight.
3: I purchase a brand new red lipstick (my last one had run out a while ago) and I instantly feel more like the old Ruth.

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