Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Barnitt's Belles, Rabbits and Carrots

We walked to the Studio this morning and didn't quite make John's goal of passing by the Minster as the bells chime 8.00 a.m. We were still on Gillygate but fortunately did not turn into a pumpkin (like in Cinderella), but we must do better tomorrow! Further down through the city we passed the 'Barnitt's Belles', this is a group of women who we presume work in Barnitts and go out for a cigarette and a cup of tea before the start of the day. We see them on most mornings (hence our nickname for them) but this was the first time that they have greeted us as we walk past.

Today I have been busy embroidering vegetables - carrots, cauliflowers, onions and lots and lots of peas in the pod. In the last few months the popularity of these designs seems to have gone up and up. John wonders if it is to do with the rise of people growing their own?

Carrots featured in today's silly conversation in the Studio. Barbara was going to the Post Office to send some orders, so I asked her if she would buy a few bits for tonight's soup - namely a couple of carrots and a parsnip. We also needed milk for home. Barbara started going through all the things that she needed to do and so began to make up a 'story' so that she could remember them. It began 'Once upon a time there was a rabbit that wanted some carrots but because she knew she needed a balanced diet bought some parsnips as well... At this point I turned to Alanna and said 'Save yourself Alanna, it's too late for us!'...

Radio Four was very good today with Stephen Fry, Lost, Stolen or Shredded and then Dervla Murphy talking about Freya Stark. All good stuff, but why oh why has Stephen Fry's programme lasted for only three episodes!!! I am bereft.

3 B.T.'s

1: Waterdrops on the long thin leaves of the Crocosmia - like little pearls.
2: The Barnitt's Belles say Good Morning to us as we pass them on our way to the Studio.
3: Dervla Murphy talking about Freya Stark on Radio Four's programme 'Great Lives' this afternoon. I love to hear about people (especially women) and travel/adventure.

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