Sunday, 2 May 2010

Dodos and Chameleons

Yesterday morning (about 6.15am) John and I went for a walk/jomp/run around the city (with emphasis upon the walk!) - call it our mid-life crisis but it is definitely time for us to eat a little less and move a little more...

Later the same day ( after our yomp) I had been busy drawing new designs - so I will soon be embroidering Ammonites, Dodos and Chameleons. The key stage is to work out a simple shape that can 'easily' be redrawn but that still looks like the creature (etc) that you are trying to convey. For us at Sumptuosity it is important that what we draw is completely freehand and NOT a template, as this will create a truely unique and fresh item for both the maker and the buyer. I shall be writing about these designs in more detail for a 'guest blog spot next weekend. We have been asked by the lovely ladies at 'Copy and Paste' to give a contribution in celebration of their first year of postings. It is a great site and we are more than happy to do so! Apparently they are are fans of Sumptuosity Towers and love to hear about the goings on and thought that we would be suitable........ - the crazy people!!!

John has been busy in negotiations regarding conference organisers who are looking for 1000 handbag mirrors for their delegates and so me and the other Sumptuosity Fairies are all poised to see if we are about to beging the mass sewing of 250 Damselflies etc. Don't worry, if we do get the final confirmation I promise to let both Sophie and Alanna (Banana) home at night..... honestly.

I am looking forward to SpringWatch, even though it doesn't start until the end of May! In the meantime I am able to watch the wildlife out of our flat window and of course as we walk around the city. My main area of interest ( and I know that I have mentioned this before) is of course Bennie the Bunnie. He has been out in force in the 'Brown Field Site' opposite to our home. Yesterday morning I was looking out of the window when I was horrified to see Bennie being hotly pursued by a large and angry looking Carrion Crow. It is just as well that I am not an impartial BBC wildlife photographer as my first instinct was to scream and yell 'RUN BUNNY RUN'. I am happy to state that Bennie lived to chase about another day but my heart was definitely in my mouth... Has Bennie learned his lesson? Well it would appear not as John and I watched him later that morning first running circles around Wood Pigeons (until they took off) and then chase a gaggle of Goslings - until the angry parent chased Bennie off. But then and I couldn't believe my eyes, Bennie took on a large Greylag Goose. He ran his usual circles around the Goose and then began to chase him! It was an incredible sight to see this bunny basically attack this huge Goose. "What are you thinking of ??? I shouted at the window but in the end it was the Goose that had had enough and took off in flight. I think that Securicor should think of employing this rabbit as he is definitely fiestier than an Alsation.

Bank holiday Monday - we went for another yomp/walk/run this morning and then once back at home I have been on t'netbook. I have recently become the Hon.Secretary for the York Bibliographical Society and so have just set up a Facebook page for them, as well as updating their information on LibraryThing. John has been busy with his O.U. assignment but now it is time to dodge the showers and have a leisurely wander around the walls (not charging around like a couple of middle-aged Hippos!).

3 B.T.'s
1: Have just seen some Lily pads in the river Foss (it is the slowest river), so hopefully Lilies will not be far behind.
2: A wren was singing away outside our window this morning, for such a tiny bird they make an incredibly loud noise - I wonder if they have mini microphone systems, like aerobics teachers wear??
3: Sorry, but it just has to be Bennie the Bunny again. His escapades make my day.

Bye for now,
Love Ruth xx

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