Sunday, 16 May 2010

Re-organising the Studio...

Ahhhhh Sunday morning and our first 'day off' for about a fortnight. I do love to do trade fairs but because they are invariably at a weekend it means that we don't get a day off until the following weekend (unless you count the day we travelled back and unpacked the Land Rover at home and the Studio?). Anyway, we have already been out and 'follopped' around the city walls (when will it start to get a little easier?) and now having a little us time, John is reading some material for his O.U. course and I am of course writing up my blog!

I actually did some baking this week. I made a batch of iced buns complete with Fairy sprinkles for the Sumptuosity Fairies as they have been working so hard this week and I wanted to treat them. Sophie (whom John has know put in charge of production figures) says that we should have cakes as a treat on a Friday BUT only if we have managed to hit all of our making targets for the week. She thinks that this will give us plenty of incentive to really get sewing...I'll keep you posted with how we do!

Yesterday, John, Sophie and myself took a complete day off from production to re-arrange the Studio space. We originally had all the work tables in the centre of the room but have now placed them around the walls. This will mean a lot more light for Sophie and Alanna (Banana) at their work tables and I will be nearer to the Studio shop area, so that I can leap up and chat with the people who find their way to Sumptuosity Towers. We have been able to make much better use of the old bar settle, which is a feature of the room, although not for drinks! It now holds zillions of little 'Useful Boxes', all labelled according to their intended subject matter, e.g. bits of red fabric for Ladybirds etc etc. It was a bit scary taking off a complete day when we are so busy to do this work but we believe that it will be well worth it both in terms of productivity and a nicer, less cluttered area to work in. In fact there is now so much space in the centre of the room, that me and the Sumptuosity Fairies would be able to dance around our handbags to Alanna (Banana)'s Motown C.D.s. Only Joking John! We will of course be chained to our machines completing our orders...

I am counting down the days until my birthday (which is Wednesday), not that it is a particular age, it is just that I always enjoy my birthday! Alanna (Banana) has told me that she is going to make me a cake (how sweet of her!!), but that it will be a surprise as to what type it is. Everyone at Sumptuosity Towers is very keen on cake and as Alanna (Banana) is so fabulous at baking it will of course be wonderful, whatever it is! I am also going to take the afternoon off - yes, John has heard about this, I wasn't simply going to sneak off at lunchtime. I shall be having a walk around the bookshops of York, at least as many of those that I can manage in an afternoon. Who knows I may even find a book or two to add to the 'Brompton-Charlesworth Library'? I 'll meet up with John in the early evening in order to visit our beloved local for a little drinkie and then we are going to an Indian restaurant - my favourite food. John did ask if Alanna (Banana) was going to put candles on my cake....yes, you can guess where this line of conversation was going! He said that it was alright if she did because Sumptuosity Towers has it's own fire extinguisher!

This afternoon, John and I are off to the cinema to see the new Robin Hood film. This continues to be the cause of some 'discussion' between us or as John likes to call it 'The Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire Divide'. Robin Hood as all correct thinking people know was from Nottingham!!!! He was definitely NOT a Yorkshireman. Why? Well, let's look at the evidence...What is Robin Hood renowned for? - He robbed from the rich and gave to the when have you ever heard of a Yorkshireman giving anything away! I rest my case....

3 B.T.'s

1: Baking cakes for the Sumptuosity Fairies - they really liked them, especially the Fairy Sprinkles.
2: The river Foss currently has lots of little fluffy goslings swimming about on it and it is so lovely to see them in a line following their parents.
3: Sleeping in my own bed after being away at a trade fair - bliss!

Bye for now,

Love Ruth x

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