Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back from Bath

Whhhhhew! We are back from Bath, having been there since Saturday for a trade fair. We love being in Bath as it is such a beautiful city and it is great after a day at a show to be able to go out and find somewhere yummy to eat and of course a real ale pub for John... for medicinal purposes of course! It was an interesting fair and I was particularly pleased to have talked to a number of different museums and municipal authorities in regards to bespoke designs. This is something we are increasingly doing and is definitely a favourite of mine to work on. John checked his emails at lunchtime (while we were in a service station - is he joined to his laptop or what??) and discovered that we had just had another large order from the Museum of London, so it looks like me and Sophie will be busy embroidering more Bowler Hats designs...

During breakfast at the B&B in Bath, I showed one woman my new Dodo design and I told her about the remains of the specimen that is in the Oxford Museum, "oh My" she said "were Dodo's actually real birds?" One of my fellow exhibitor's told me about a conversation he had also overheard at Breakfast . It went like this " How is this Grilled Tomato cooked?"..... Answer "it is grilled"...

One of the things that I did love in Bath was the discovery of a wonderful bookshop. I had spotted Topping & Company Booksellers before but had never had the chance to go in, however, I went out on Sunday lunchtime in order to find some food and found myself inextricably drawn towards this shop. I felt that a little look in couldn't hurt.... Anyway, no sooner had I gone in through the door when I saw a large and beautiful book. It was 'Bugs Britannica' by Peter Marren and Richard Mabey. I had been waiting for this book to be published and so was pleased to see it, but I was soon to be even more pleased! I looked at the acknowledgement page and I was listed!!! A couple of years ago I had responded to a email request from the charity Buglife in regards to stories/information about insects and their relationship with humanity. I had sent in some information (from the Ph.D.) about the use of the Bee in 19th century literature and more especially in the trade logo's of the Lace company 'Birkins'. This information had found it way into the book and I was delighted. So delighted in fact that I had to buy the book, particularly as the shop had a signed copy. Books, bugs and finally some use for my Ph.D. - how could I resist?

Yesterday was Mummsie's birthday - she was 87, I was sorry not to have seen her but we did send her a large bunch of blue and white flowers and of course I did use the mobile phone to ring her and sing Happy Birthday - much to the amusement of the other people at the Trade Fair! Today she has been to visit a Bluebell wood, which is something that she has always wanted to do. I talked to her on the telephone tonight so that she could tell me all about it. There was a choice of two paths through the woods, a short one and a much longer one, Mummsie insisted that now she had finally got to her Bluebell wood she was not going to do anything but the long path!!! She is absolutely fabulous.

Tomorrow, we are to be up early and into the Studio, it will be nice to get back behind my sewing machine, as I do miss my embroidery, if I am away from it for a few days. We have got lots of work to be getting on with and I will have to tell Sophie that she needs to sew lots of Bowler Hats.... I'll make her a cup of tea first!

3 B.T.'s

1: Nice new book - Bugs Britannica is wonderful and a great addition to this brilliant series.

2: John and I visited No:1 Royal Crescent Bath, this is now a lovely museum of 18th century interior design. I especially loved the portrait of Mrs Delany by John Opie, she was a great Blue-Stocking.

3: Mummsie happily telling me about her visit to the Bluebell Wood.

Bye for now,
Love Ruthi x

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