Friday, 23 April 2010

St. George's Day!

Hello and a Happy St. George's Day to you all.

John and I decided that in order to celebrate our National Day and the Birthday of Shakespeare we should create a public holiday and so Sumptuosity Towers is closed today and the Fairies are flitting about doing their own thing. John is currently in his study (his lair...I think that he will soon put up a sign that states 'John's Study Kee Pout'!). It has definitely become his province just as the 'Living Library' (an amalgamation of Living Room and Library) has become mine!

Anyway, to keep you all up to date with the happenings at Sumptuosity Towers... Sophie's debut into York Open Studio's went very well, with lots of visitor's and lots of comments/reactions. I was very proud of her as she really got into talking to people about her work and her ideas. She has now got added vigor to update her own website and to actively pursue more venues at which to exhibit - go Sophie! go!

We had a successful time at the BCTF trade fair and orders are still continuing to flood in, even some more coming in from Scotland's Spring trade fair that we attended in January. So it is all go at Sumptuosity Towers. John and I are spending some of our 'day off' looking at new designs, as we have had lots of specialised requests from current stockists and potential stockists. It is a very eclectic mix to say the least and I shall be looking at a range of things from the poems of Robert Burns to wild daffodils and Ammonites...

It looks like Spring is finally making a break for it here in York and John and I have had some very nice walks around the City Walls. It is wonderful the number of species of birds that you both see and hear around the city. On one of our last walks I counted 16 different species of birds, including a very fleeting sight of two House Martins. I am looking forward to when the Swifts arrive, as I love to see them flying high above the city. The Bunny is still occasionally seen in the brown field site opposite our flat and is still chasing pidgeons and even the odd Jackdaw off his patch. This he does by running in circles around the said bird until it becomes fed up and flies off...although if this does not work he will also charge directly at the bird! Sophie and John think that 'he (the bunny) is not quite 'right', although I prefer to see him as merely eccentric. If any one else has seen a bunny act in this manner I would love to hear about it.

3 B.T.'s

1: Bird song in the morning - hurrah for the Spring!
2: Bennie the Bunny running circles around pidgeons.
3: John and I have booked a long weekend in Oxford for our wedding anniversary in June and we are having a great time deciding all the places to visit.

Bye for now,
Love Ruth x

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