Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bats in the Belfry

Back to work at Sumptuosity Towers after the Easter break. I always find that I am a little confused as to what a day it is after a bank holiday, although there are probably many who doubt that I know what day of the week it is at the best of times!

The Sumptuosity fairies had fun this after with an order from the Museum of London, we had to design and sew 'Bowler Hats' brooches. We all had ago, Sophie's were rather like Steed's hat (from The Avenger's), while mine were more like Mr. Ben's. We came up with something that we were happy with in the end (John has put some pictures up on Facebook - are we down with the kids or what!!!). We also had to sew 50 'Egg & Chips' designs, it made us all hungry, nothing new there.

Sophie and Alanna have been telling me about the Easter Eggs that they had had this Sunday, they weren't too happy about be thought of as 'too old' by many members of their families to be given Easter Eggs. Mind you we all ate so many chocolate crunchy nest cakes (some made with corn flakes and some with rice crispies) that we were all a bit 'hyper' by the end of last week, so goodness knows what the fairies would have been like if they had had even MORE chocolate...

So home to our flat at the end of the day - it seemed to fly! While John and I were eating our dinner, I noticed something flash (or should I say flitter?) past the window...and again. It was too fast and erratic in movements to be a bird so I went to have a closer look and discovered that the BATS are back. Hurrah - does this mean that Spring is finally here??? We live right next to the river Foss and the bats (there were two of them) were flying up and down the river. It was great. I'm not sure what type they are - I know more about birds than bats. Spring watch in York...


1: Talking with Sophie and Alanna (Banana) about chocolate.

2: Pasta, Pesto, artichoke hearts and cheese and herb bread from The Hairy Fig - Scrummy.

3: Seeing Bats flitting about outside the living room window.

Bye for now,

Love Ruthie xx

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