Saturday, 3 April 2010

Adventures of Nellie the Netbook

We have been having some real fun in the Studio this week with Nellie the Netbook, although she sits on John's desk rather than on my work table. This is because Nellie needs to be plugged into the router in order to gain connection to the Internet, although I also think that John likes to keep an eye on me and check that I am not on 'LibraryThing' rather than doing 'proper' Sumptuosity related work! (As if I would....). We have been updating the Facebook site on a regular basis over the last couple of days and Sophie has been especially enjoying herself by bossing John about and making sure that he has photographed any new designs that we have made.

I have enlisted Sophie and Alanna (Banana) in my mission to get fans on Facebook, this has been inspired as Alanna (Banana) is is real Facebook girl and has been contacting all her chums and invited them to the Sumptuosity page. John was really amazed when he first saw the numbers shoot up and wondered how I was doing it. Just like George Washington I cannot tell a lie (unless it is about my book buying habits) and admitted that it wasn't me but the lovely Alanna.

If you are on Facebook, why not join us as a Fan and not only will you be helping me in my 'Facebook Challenge' but we will be putting all our fans into a prize draw at the end of April and fifty lucky winners will receive a Sumptuosity item (brooch, bookmark or mirror) of their choice - this was John's idea and coming from a Yorkshire man that is pretty impressive as normally "if you are going to do owt for nowt do it for thy sen".

We are busy preparing for next weekend's trade fair - the wonderful British Craft Trade Fair. This is my absolute favourite show, as it is wonderful to meet up with people that we know and look at the lovely work that British artists and craftspeople make. It is (of course) very tempting and John is always reminding me that 'we are at the fair to sell our wares not for me to buy pretty things'. It doesn't stop be doing a little bartering at the end of the show...

The weekend after this is York Open Studios and this year we have sponsored Sophie to participate. We will be emptying the Studio shop area, window space etc and letting Sophie have free range with her sculpture. Wild and crazy items have been appearing over the last couple of weeks and Sophie is now sure (just about) that she has enough work for this exhibition. However, she is now worried that no one will come and see her work - that girl is just a born worrier! I have told her that it will be a brilliant event and that she should 'trust me because I'm a doctor'...

3 B.T's

1: The river next to where we live has a variety of birdlife but one of my favourites is a little wren that can be seen scuttling around the walls and has the loudest and most beautiful song.
2: On the way to the Studio this morning we saw a family of pretty little goslings bobbing about on the river (John took a picture and put it on Facebook).
3: John and I watched the new episode of Dr. Who tonight and I must admit that even though I loved David Tennent and was ready to not enjoy it - I really liked it in spite of myself.

Bye for now,

Love Ruthie xx

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