Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Latest Challenge - Mission FaceBook

Since I have got Nellie the NetBook John has been teasing me that I will spend all my time on LibraryThing. This is of course not true but it doesn't stop him from saying it! Although in order to combat this supposed theory he has come up with a new challenge for me - that I should take over from him on FaceBook and start to build up our profile on this site. This will of course require some advice from my Sumptuosity Fairies as I can only learn to 'get down with the kids' through people who are either much younger or simply more up to date with the technological world than me (this is probably most people!). Any ideas please let me know?

Meanwhile at Sumptuosity Towers today, I was so fed up at the cold grey skies that I decided to nip out just before afternoon tea and buy some cakes for me, Sophie, Alanna and of course John. I purchased some lovely butterfly cakes from The Hairy Fig - I might not be able to find the time to make anything yummy like Alanna (Banana) but at least I know where I can buy something nice! It has been so cold today in York - it can only be British Summer Time...

3 B.T's
1: One of the things that I have found on FaceBook is the Fags, Mags and Bags site - they even have the 'famous wall of crisps'.
2: Black Books on Dave - I never saw it the first time around and am really enjoying it.
3: Blackbirds singing after it has rained - the British Spring does have its compensations.

Bye for now,

Love Ruthie xx

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