Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Nellie the NetBook

Just got a new 'NetBook' courtesy of some money that I have received from Lloyds Bank (it would seem that blood can be got from a stone after all!). The grand plan is that I will now be able to do more regular blogs and maybe even do some work on FaceBook etc, as Alanna (Banana) would say "I am really 'down' with the kids!". I may even take it to work so that I can update the world in realtime on 'Sophie questions and Alanna's cakes'. This is surely things that the world needs to know....

John and I are finally settled into the new flat, we are even getting used to the sound of all the noisy geese and I have got my bookshelves sorted into a recognisable system and so all is right with the world. Of course the collection (having been a little pruned) is beginning to grow again - well that is what happens when you do some pruning it encourages growth. It began the other day when I received a surprise parcel from Sumptuosity friend Alison of the Amazon. She had been kind enough to send me the new book by Simon Barnes 'My Natural History' and I have not only been able to find space for it on the bookcases but have used my day off from Sumptuosity Towers to read it. It is a really good read and great to know that other people grew up mad about birds and wild life. One of the good things about the move is that I have found a piece of work that I did at Junior School about 'My Interests' and is full of drawings of birds, fossils and dinosaurs. I feel rather like I have come full circle and maybe need to do a dinosaur design? I shall get John to take some pictures...

Have you seen the new square brooches? We love them and it proves a nice new challenge for the Sumptuosity Fairies to embroider some new designs and/or come up with new compositions. We also have a new range of rectangular designs about to come out so keep posted...

3 B.T.'s

1: Fabulous parcel from the wonderful Alison of the Amazon. I really love the book and I was the first person to catalogue it on LibraryThing.
2: John's pizza - he has just started to back them from scratch (pizza dough and everything!) and they are delicious to say the least.
3: A 'Who has got the longest Hair competition' between me and Jason in our local pub - haven't played that game since my niece Charlotte was a little girl. Nice to know that I still haven't grown up!

Bye for now,
Love Ruthie xx

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