Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Arabian Nights, Snowy Days

Last night Barbara and I went to see 'The Arabian Nights' at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon. We set off despite the heavy snow in York and the forecasts of terrible weather throughout the country - I know that it sounds a little fool-hardy but I had telephoned the theatre to see what the weather was like there and Barbara had packed the car with warm throws, bottled water and plenty of yummy sweeties in case we got stranded. Needless to say we were desperate to go and see the production as everything we have ever seen by the RSC has been brilliant and we were not disappointed (the travelling was fine and the staff were amazed that we had come all the way from York!). It was a fascinating production with little scenery but with the actors and a variety of props and puppetry becoming every aspect of the story. The tickets were purchased for Barbara as her Christmas present and as Arabian Nights is one of my favourites I had splashed out and we were on the front row. This was great as we were so near the action but also a little scary as we were very close to the 'forty thieves' as the raced around the stage and even more scary was the huge skeletal head of the Ruhk ( a giant bird that feeds on Elephants) as it 'flew' around the stage and moved a little too close for comfort!

By lunchtime today I was back at Sumptuosity Towers and John had given me a list of things to do - no rest for the wicked! I did get the chance to tell the girls about what a good time I had had over a cup of tea and one of Mumsie's Iced buns.

3 B.T.'s

1: The huge Ruhk in the R.S.C's production of The Arabian Nights it was wonderful, scarily beautiful!
2: Finding that my skirt and show programme had both a sprinkling of glittering sand and paper flower petals during the interval of the show.
3: Mumsie had stayed up to see us (we stayed in Nottingham over night on our way back from Stratford) and had baked cakes especially for us - yummy.

Bye for now,

Love Ruth xx

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