Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday (the day before Christmas Eve), we did some embroidery but had our tables cleared by 3.30, the blinds were down and we were out of the door and into our Christmas Holidays - Hurrah! To celebrate we all went to The Bluebell, a fabulous little pub that is just up the road from Sumptuosity Towers and a firm favourite with me and John. We have swapped Christmas presents and because I know how naughty the Sumptuosity Fairies are, I put their presents into cardboard boxes (there are always plenty in the Studio!) and then wrapped them up with tissue and ribbon. This means that they will not be able to guess what their presents are until they open them on Christmas morning. Mind you this didn't stop Alanna (Banana) having a good try! It is just as well the presents that we bought her aren't glass...

The Sumptuosity Christmas Dinner was last Wednesday and absolutely super. We all loved being at the Treasurer's House and the National Trust staff did us proud, the service was great and the food was lovely - just ask Sophie!

We have had lots of lovely Christmas cards at Sumptuosity Towers - some were addressed to the Barleycorn Three (the old days when it was just me, Barbara and John) and so I must make sure that next year everyone knows that we have expanded and are (currently) the Barleycorn Five! Alanna said that we were multiplying just like on the Gremlins film! I wonder if this means that we shouldn't be fed after midnight???

Which reminds me, a certain someone addressed her Christmas card to include the 'staff held hostage at Sumptuosity Towers' - I dispute this and want everyone to know that I have let the Fairies go home for long as they are all back the earlier on Boxing day..... (only joking honest...bah humbug!)

Today, was the first day off that John and me have had for quite a well (Christmas orders have kept us busy!!!) and so we have been busy shopping for the last of the food and a couple of last minute Christmas presents. As we unpacked the car I thought for a brief moment that John had bought me a bunch of flowers until I looked more closely and saw that it was just the way that he was carrying the Brussel Sprouts Stalk! We have also been finishing off the cleaning and tidying of the house. It is all done and dusted and we are relaxing with a glass of wine and awaiting the arrival of Barbara with Mummsie and Eddie (our big brother).

3 B.T.'s

1: Sophie and Alanna trying to feel through the packaging of their Christmas presents.
2: I did a new design as a request from Father Tim (Jones) for Sunflowers. He loved the work and purchased a Mirror, brooch and a bookmark. I was so pleased with them that they will become new designs for 2010.
3: I have received a lovely email from a lady in 'remotest' Arizona thanking me for my choice of book that was sent to her as part of LibraryThing's 'SantaThing' (basically a bookish form of Secret Santa). My parcel has arrived but as I am a good girl I won't know what it is until tomorrow morning....

So it just gives me time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Sumptuous New Year!

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