Saturday, 5 December 2009

Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly...

All the Sumptuosity Fairies are in a very festive mood, especially when we hear Christmas carols on the radio (we sometimes let John have Classic FM on instead of our beloved Radio Four). I don't know if it is the time of the year, namely that it is so cold outside but one of our main topics of conversation is food. Or at least it is one that we most often return to! Sophie (who is the size of a Sparrow) is probably the worst offender for this and currently it is about this year's Sumptuosity Christmas dinner. This year we are treating the Fairies to a traditional Christmas dinner at the Treasurer's House in York. This is a beautiful National Trust house in the centre of York (just behind the Minster) and according to one of the managers (who Barbara and I met at an exhibition at Stone Soup) it will all look fabulously Christmasy - hence the title of this blog being 'Deck the Halls...'. At least once a day Sophie says how much she is looking forward to this dinner, as well as telling us about the Christmas dinner she will be having at her sister's house. I don't know how she stays so tiny!

Tinsel and Christmas lights are up in the windows of Sumptuosity Towers and this year I have put a countdown of the number of shopping days left before Christmas. Barbara purchased a pack of small Fluorescent card shapes and hand wrote a number on each piece of card, which we then blu-tacked to the window in a meandering pattern. Each morning when I open the blinds I remove another fluorescent shape from the window and thus show the people walking past that time is ticking away. This has worked very well as a display as it does grab people's attention, especially as the day's before Christmas become fewer and fewer! Mind you it also serves as a reminder to myself that I need to get a wriggle on with my own Christmas shopping, food shopping, Christmas card writing (and posting), tidying the house before visitors arrive and of course keeping all the embroidery going here at Sumptuosity Towers for website orders, trade orders and all the lovely people who visit us in the Studio.

3 B.T.'s

1: We got a postcard at the Studio this week from Mummsie who has been on a Tinsel and Turkey holiday with Barbara. It was addressed to 'Dr Ruth & Co'.
2: I have been writing my Christmas card list and it has been lovely to think about friends new and old around the country.
3: Every morning when John and I walk to the Studio we pass a garden that has a bird table, bushes and a really thick privet hedge, the birds love it and there are always a gang of very chirpy Sparrows making there presence known.

Bye for now
love Ruth xx

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