Sunday, 1 November 2009

November already! RSC, Autumn Watch, Parkin,

Hello There! Can you believe it is November already???

Sorry for the delay in this latest blog- it is not simply due to the fact that we are super busy (which of course we are given the proximity to Christmas) but because Barbara and I have had an afternoon and a morning off and so have had to play catch up. What I hear you cry John actually let you have some time off?? Can this possibly be true? Well, indeed it is true and for a special reason. Next Sunday is Barbara's birthday and for her present I had purchased tickets for the RSC's production of Twelfth Night in Stratford Upon Avon. In order to get there in time (and to have dinner with our chums Kate and Phil of Oakwood Aromatics), we had to set off at two in the afternoon. We did go to the Post Office to send off some parcels on our way to the Car Park but even so it did feel like we were bunking off school! The production was absolutely brilliant and we can't recommend it enough. The Bay Tree, which is a key part of the story (and hilarious) was worth the price of the tickets alone. The designers who work for the RSC are truly brilliant. Why the morning off? well, we stayed in Nottingham over night on our way back from Stratford (with Mumsie) and so we didn't get back to Sumptuosity Towers until lunchtime... But it was definitely worth it! Apologies to Sophie, Alanna and John because Barbara and I have been telling them endless all about the production and how much we enjoyed it...

John and I have been enjoying seeing 'Autumn Watch' on the television. Kate Humble and Chris Packham seem to really gel well together on screen, the photography is gorgeous as always and having had a crush on the lovely Chris since I was a teenager, it makes the program even more fun. I have been telling the Sophie and Alanna all about the program, who being young and having something called 'a life' were out enjoying themselves and not at home watching television. I particularly enjoyed the last episode as Simon King was showing the viewers some Owl Pellets and what is found within - I am so jealous as I have always wanted to do that since I was at school.... Sophie understood what I meant but I think that the lovely Alanna thinks that we are rather crazy...

Finally, I have to find some 'Parkin' for the 5th of November - as the girls tell me that it is a Yorkshire delicacy and must be eaten at this time of the year. I shall let you know if I am successful.

3 B.T.'s

1: The 'Bay Tree' in the RSC's production of Twelfth Night - how on earth did they manage to make something so amazing that looked so delicate and yet could support three full grown men?
2: Our friend Kate's new haircut -she has had her long locks lopped off and now has a funky hairdo - she looks great!
3: John gave me a big hug on Wednesday lunchtime and said how much he had missed me.

Bye for now

Love Ruth xx

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