Sunday, 8 November 2009

More Sheep, Millennium Gallery and Mini Beasts

It has been a busy weekend. On Friday night I was at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield to demonstrate my free-hand machine embroidery at the opening of their Christmas Crackers exhibition. Barbara kindly offered to drive me to the event because A; she is nice and B; she likes to look at pretty things and the gallery shop was full of lovely goodies. It was really nice to talk to people and to show them the joys of free-hand embroidery. People invariably are amazed that I can sew on such a small scale (not really that clever as it is simply the scale that I like to work at) or they need to have explained that the work is in no way 'computer aided' but that it truly is all free-hand. I tend to explain it as drawing with the sewing machine. I know that I shouldn't have done but I did have a glass of red wine (not recommended when sewing but it was only a little one but please DON'T try it at home!). I blame my university education on my inability to refuse a free glass of wine... However, the evening did give me the opportunity to get on with an idea that I had had for a new triptych design - 'Baa Baa Blacksheep'. This consists of three brooches, the first two being white sheep with the word 'Baaahhh' embroidered underneath and the third brooch being (of course) a black sheep. The inspiration for the sheep has definitely come from our friend Nicola and her fabulous Sheep Tea Towels; they are causing a lot of interest in the studio and I will be amazed if we haven't sold them all before long!

While at the Millennium, the very nice shop manager came to see us and thanked us for the 100 brooches that we had brought with us that evening to top up their display, then she asked for another 100 asap and requested 100 Mini-Beast brooches (bees, ladybirds, snails etc) for another Sheffield Museum (Weston Park), oh and did I mention that she needed 100 lavender bags sometime next week? So it is definitely busy busy busy at Sumptuosity Towers, although to make sure that we manage to complete all our commitments I have sewn the 100 Mini-Beast designs this afternoon at home. It keeps me out of mischief!

3 B.T.'s

1: The lovely Alanna (Banana) brought in some 'Parkin' for all the Sumptuosity Fairies to have with their morning cup of tea - it looked soooooo yummy that elevenses was early that day. I can know confirm that I am a Parkin fan - is this a sign of me becoming more Yorkshire...?
2: The moon is very visible in the morning and the other day as I was admiring it from my window I saw a tourist taking a photograph of it. It is nice to see other people looking at the world and finding it beautiful.
3: John and I waved at our friend Sue as we walked past her shop on the way home, a few steps later we were being hailed by her and she ran up the road to tell us her news.

Bye for now

love Ruth xx

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