Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sumptuosity is invaded by Vikings!

Hello There!

Thought I would do a quick blog about Saturday's invasion - as briefly mentioned by John in his blog...

Well, as you know, life in Sumptuosity Towers is always interesting, especially because being within the city walls of York we see all life passing the studio windows. Last week it was the famous Yorvik Viking Festival and so walking past our window were numerous Viking men, women and children, all magnificently bedecked in their Viking regalia. The Sumptuosity Fairies and I have been fascinated. Well, on Friday night, John and I went out for a little drinkie with our friend Brian to the 'Mucky Duck' (The Black Swan) and low and behold, there were Vikings standing at the bar. I had drank a couple of small sweet sherries by this time and so decided to say hello and ask them about their clothing, etc. The Vikings were very friendly and kindly answered all questions but sadly John didn't have his camera with him - no pictures. This was when I hit upon the brilliant plan to invite them around to Sumptuosity Towers for a cup of tea, if them happened to be walking along Walmgate on Saturday! Saturday morning came and I told Sophie all about my meeting with the Vikings and about my invitation to tea - You didn't! She said... Oh yes, I did! I replied. Well, the day wore on and as usual we were busy with our orders and so I didn't really give it much more thought, until about 3.00 in the afternoon when John said "I think your Vikings have arrived...." In through the door at Sumptuosity Towers came not just the three Vikings I had been talking to but about 12! Our studio was full to busting with Vikings (Sophie, who had been very chatty all day, was very quiet - shocked I think at suddenly having to share her Studio with hordes of Vikings!). Well, I had promised them a cup of tea and you don't want to go back on a promise, especially to people carrying axes and shields. I ended up using every cup and mug we had in the Studio but it was well worth it for a very entertaining half hour. The attention to detail displayed by one and all was brilliant, my particular favourite item was a bone comb and case. I asked the rather simple question "Why Vikings?" To which the reply came "Because Vikings were awesome!" - well I did ask!

During this invasion, we were also visited by Pauline from the Costume department of the York Theatre (this is just across the road from Sumptuosity Towers), she had seen us sewing away through the main windows and decided to pay us a visit - I am not sure what she thought about the Studio being full of Vikings but she was brave enough to come in anyway! We have been invited to pop in and see her workplace whenever we are free - something that we will definitely make time to do.

The photograph is of the youngest Viking visitor - He had been born into it and was very happy at the chance to go 'Feral' (his Mum's words not mine!) at Viking events. I was rather jealous and quite fancied becoming a Viking myself...

Bye for now

Ruth x

3 B.T.'s

1: The Viking bone comb - it was stunning.
2: The Vikings coming to tea - could only happen in York!
3: Footprints of Geese in the snow at the side of the Foss.

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