Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love is in the Air

We have had a busy few days at Sumptuosity Towers - mostly men popping into the Studio Shop to buy a little gift and of course the all important card! Alanna (Banana) has also been busy with her own Valentine preparations, she has been making her boyfriend Dan a huge GingerBread Man (Alanna loves to bake!) and so that he also has a more permanent Valentine present she embroidered a GingerBread Man onto a bookmark. It was such a nice design that we may well bring into the Sumptuosity range - we will keep you posted!

We have also been making a few special requests at Sumptuosity Towers. A very nice lady called Ruth (well she would have to be nice with a name like that) came in with a request for 21 small silk drawstring bags to hold the lovely 'Betty's Chocolate Hearts' that she was going to be giving the guests at her birthday party. Her husband was treating her to a hand-made dress by Thimblelina (a great dressmaker further down from us on Walmgate) and she wanted the silk of the bags to complement her dress. Our lovely purple silk that we use (Sorbet) was just the ticket. Ruth offered to leave one of the chocolate hearts with us in the Studio so that we could use it as a measure but given how me and the other fairies love chocolate I decided that it wasn't too safe and took measurements instead. Ruth came in on Wednesday to pick up the bags and was delighted - so much so that she gave us a thank-you card and a Chocolate heart - yum.

On Friday afternoon a young man came into the Studio shop for a Valentine gift for his girlfriend, he liked what we made but wondered if it would be possible for us to make a bookmark especially for his girlfriend with her name on it. It was very short notice but who am I to stand in the way of true-love? and so I said "Of course, not a problem!" (John says that I am too soft!). Anyway, he wrote his girlfriend's name, which is just as well because it was long and foreign and said that she also liked sheep. Saturday morning and I had just finished embroidering an extravaganza of a bookmark (again on Sorbet), with the girl's name and sheep and hearts all over it...oh dear I thought have I got a bit carried away? I had just finished making it up when the young man appeared at the door - talk about 'Just in time'! He loved it and even shook my hand and thanked me for being so kind. I may be 'soft' but it is times like that which make it all worthwhile. I'm just an ol'romantic at heart!

3 B.T.'s

1: John and I visited Askham Bog Nature Reserve on Tuesday and saw lots of Long-Tailed Tits and Goldfinches.
2: Conrad's bookmark, girlfriend's name, sheep, hearts et. al.
3: Ruth's Thank-you card and Chocolate heart - many happy returns for yesterday!

Happy Valentine's Day to all,
love Ruth xx

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